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the most comfortable huggable pillows in the world for sleep and play

the hugmeister is an ultra-premium, ultra-long pillow. it features our Softcore Snuggletech technology and is fun for everybody and provides amazing back and body support!
we ship worldwide so you can be sure that wherever you are, you’ll always have a hug!

size chart The Mini Sleeping Pillow The Maxi Sleeping Pillow The Beast Sleeping Pillow

3 hugtastic sizes!   •   customise your colours   •   swappable covers
perfect sleep buddy   •   design to match your bedding

what is it? theMini is ideal for kids, with its shorter length and lighter filling, making sleep and playtime; Hug-time! theMaxi is our signature pillow, great for everyone at any time. theBeast is probably the biggest hug you will ever have. EVER. what is it?
weight? 1.3 kg (nice and soft) 1.8 kg (nice and cuddly) 2.7 kg (nice and firm) weight?
cover size? 110cm x 38cm 140cm x 40cm 170cm x 40cm cover size?
great for? Great for anyone up to 5’3” or 160cm tall. Great for anyone up to 6’0” or 183cm tall. Great for the bed and
great for?

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what are hugmeister pillows?

discover the secret to the perfect hug

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what’s so special about hugmeister pillows?

The hugmeister comes in three hugtastic long pillow sizes. You can choose a standard white or for just a little bit more you have the option to fully customize your hugmeister. Also every cover is swappable, so you can change the look of your hugmeister whenever you feel like it!

The hugmeister is great for people who want a superior pillow that provides fantastic back and body support, but is also totally fun and a great for the bed, chair, floor or on the go!

standard hugmeister

The standard hugmeister pillow has a premium white cotton pillowcase with white zip and no piping edging, available in any of the 3 sizes. We believe white to be a staple in any home, especially in the bedroom, creating a feeling of freshness and purity for great sleep. Our brand philosophy, Softcore Snuggletech, is based around helping you create the most comfortable and peaceful environment at home as is huggably possible!

custom hugmeister

The custom hugmeister pillow is a brilliant pillow that can match your mood, décor or clothing! Customise the colour of the cover, zip or add coloured edge piping for high definition, to make your hugmeister pillow stand out from the crowd.


Each pillow is crafted with silky hollow-fibre filling to give the hugmeister its signature cloud-like softness. It features hypoallergenic and anti-sweat properties to keep you cool and relaxed from morning to evening.


hugmeister covers are made from 100% premium cotton that is designed to make your pillow soft, durable and wrinkle-resistant – not to mention look and feel fantastic. The extra-long zip along the side enables easy removal for washing and changing, so don't forget to add additional covers to your cart!